Febreeze for your hair.

One of my secret weapons as a mom, is that I don't wash my hair everyday.  It allows me to spend less time getting ready every other day and helps me accomplish other more important things. However, I recently cut myself some bangs and started noticing they end up getting greasy by day two of no wash.

About two weeks ago, I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Tresemme's dry shampoo that's specifically made for your hair on days you don't wash it.  It refreshes the locks and takes the grease out.  I picked it up for a few dollars at Target to try it out.

It is now one of my favorite new things!  I'm surprised at how well it works and how it keeps my bangs from looking greasy.  If I use too much, it can give my hair this powdered look but after a few days of testing out the product, I have figured out how to use it more.

So, just in case you're looking for a way to save time or look a little less greasy-- try this! And let me know if you like it! :)

P.S. Here's another post I did on a bunch of my other favorite hair products.  


  1. i have been meaning to buy a dry shampoo, but haven't figure out which brand i should get. thanks for doing the research for me!

  2. ooo i have never heard of this before...i will definitely have to try some out on my easily greasy bangs!!