no ever tells you being a mom is confusing...

there are many things that i have yet to understand about my child...over the past few days i have found myself making a mental list of the things that confuse me the most. i will give you the short list,as the long one seems to grow by the hour. here goes:

Confusion #5: Why would you want to sit in your own poo longer than you have to?? as of lately, diaper changes have become a struggle. and i mean this very literally. like, it takes both my hands, feet and elbows to keep her and her stinky bottom from squirming away. i have to make every kind of animal noise imaginable or sing a ridiculous song to keep her from remembering the reason why she's laying on the floor. i can't wait for the days when diapers are a distant memory.

Confusion #4: Why beg to go outside when it's 20 degrees and raining? i consider myself more of an "indoor" type of gal, but peyton has taken an interest in being outside (like her daddy...go figure, everything else is just like him). so she will find her hat, put it on all lopsided and crooked and stand by the door rubbing her belly (which is her way of signing "please"...hey, at least she's polite!). yes, i think it's adorable, but after the 47th time of saying "no, peyton....it's too cold to play outside today", i start to wonder what is so enticing about playing in freezing rain anyway?

Confusion #3: I don't understand the urge to climb EVERYTHING. she literally, climbs on the corner of the couch/chair, stands at the very edge and then will DIVE in one direction or another. most of the time she lands on a cushion, but it's a rare day where i don't hear a head conking on something.

Confusion #2: Why didn't God give me a snuggle baby????? the girl is a product of two snugglers. why, oh why will she not lay still long enough? it drives brandon and i crazy.....we're going to try to train our next baby (whenever that may be) to be a snuggle baby:) peyton has been on the go since day one.

Confusion #1: When you're sick, wouldn't you want MORE sleep?? oh no. not this munchkin. over the past few months, she has had her share of colds and fevers (in fact, she has been sick most of the week) and i have come to sadly realize, that in peyton's mind, feeling sick equals sleeping less. i tell myself every excuse under the sun (her schedule is off, she's teething, she can't breathe very well....) and all i want to do is rock her, pat her back and snuggle her. see confusion #2. no dice. on top of less sleep, she is more needy and whiny and i'm ready to call in a babysitter by 9 am. anybody know of any? oh wait...i AM the baby sitter:)

these quirks have grown on me and though i may question my parenting on a daily basis and frantically search for my sanity every 30 minutes, i adore my little girl. she is my heart beating outside of my body and i will happily live in confusion each day, as long as it's with my sweet Peyton girl.


  1. You're a great mom Maggie! It is to bad they don't come with a manual! Parenting keeps you humble and tired....but I agree....SO worth it!

  2. Oh Maggie! I totally understand where you are coming from on confusion #5... Annalee does not want to be changed, especially in the mornings! Hoping to potty train this summer when I am at home! Being a parent is such an amazing gift and a wild ride we will be on the rest of our lives! Peyton is so lucky to have a mom like you!!

  3. I did get a little snuggle today, even though she was not feeling well. Got a kiss on the mouth, too, so maybe I'll be sick tomorrow. :) Only a mom or a grandmother would accept a kiss on the mouth from a sick baby. She's one sweet little lady. Confusion is just part of the job description, and it lasts many, many years.

  4. Oh what a blessing these confusing times are!? Well at least it is when your the Grandma. I remember those time with Brandon growing up too. But by the time you get it figured out.... here comes the next stage or confussions. Oh what a wonderful time your having. Bless you and Brandon and our sweet little Peyton!

  5. haha love number one! seems like it's very rare to get a snuggle baby...maybe with berhow baby number 2 :) love these pics of Peyton!!