So...when you're feeling like this and you have the winter blues...what do you do?! You have....Winterfest!!

For the last few years my family has wondered how the heck we were going to get through the dreadful Iowa winters. Last winter we decided we were going to have game night once a week...just one more thing to look forward to every week to help us get through. That's when we discovered the love for many of our games mentioned here. This year my sister wanted to do Winterfest (something she had conjured up to help get through the winter, and all of us were 100% in on the idea!) It included a whole weekend of sleepovers, tubing at Sleepy Hollow, snacks and endless amounts of good food, game playing, movie watching, nap taking, and most importantly...some much needed time with your loved ones to "escape" from the real snow-ridden world for a weekend. It was absolutely fabulous. We plan on making it a tradition!

Here are some pictures from our weekend of Winterfest this year:

Cute Sully boy!! He's doing such a good job learning to sit. Look at that drool!! :)

Sully is in love with all of Ollie's Toy Story toys. It's adorable.

Grandpa's famous breakfast!
The cook himself!!

Not sure what Ollie was doing, but you as you can see, PJs were the dress of choice for the weekend.

Big brother making Sully smile!!

We had an appetizer night where everyone made an appetizer in lieu of dinner. Here are some yummy ham, cream cheese, and pickle rolls!

These are from Costco and are awesome! They're called firecrackers or something like that....

A different version of the typical taco dip...Heidi made this and I fell in love with it! Yum!

Beer bread and dip...best.stuff.ever.
My mom's new buffalo chicken dip recipe she made...it was fabulous! I especially loved eating it with the celery option!

Collachies (I think that's how you spell it...) They are an awesome breakfast treat!

I will share all the recipes from this post on another date...be looking for it because this is good stuff folks!

We also had some fun pics from tubing but they are on my sister's camera...I will have to share them with you when I get them because they are definitely keepers!

A few things we didn't get to do this year that we thought would be fun next year would be to do some baking and some kind of craft. It will be fun to see how the tradition evolves over the years. Can anyone tell my family loves a good tradition?! :)

P.S. Any fun ideas you have that you think might be fun to add to our new tradition? Anyone do something similar?!


  1. This looks like a blast! So, I stumbled upon this blog and I started reading and saw a pic of you and read you talking about your sister Heidi and I am wondering if you are (or used to be I guess) Hannah Holeman? You probably don't remember me because you were quite young, but I went to Ashworth Road Baptist Church with your family. My name is Irish Gilliam. I just thought I would write a note in case it was you because I thought it was weird that I happened upon this very cool blog and thought I might know you!

  2. Hello, Irish! I have to say, I don't remember you quite as well as I wish I did...but my mom and sister do!! So great that you stumbled upon my blog...and that you remembered me!! Do you mind me asking how you found our blog? I tried to look at yours...not sure if I am missing something, but was having trouble accessing more than just your "About Me". It would be great to stay in touch!! Thanks for reading and commenting!! :) God Bless!! (I'm on fb and you can also email me at thewonderwomandiaries@gmail.com)

  3. What fun! Looks like you all had a great time. The food looks wonderful, too!