A Whole Shoe Box Full of 'em...Dangly Ones!

One of Eric's favorite things to say to me is from the movie Home Alone....remember when Kevin's mom is trying to buy someone's plane tickets to get back to her son on Christmas? Well...she tries to bribe an old lady with money and anything else just so they will give her a ticket. She is offering her earrings as a desperate final attempt and the wife's husband interrupts to say, "she has her own earrings....a whole shoebox full of 'em...dangly ones!" as he dangles his fingers by his ears.  Why is this one of Eric's favorite things to say to me (fingers dangling and all)? Well, it may or may not be true that I have a small earring fetish. I just love them...especially big, dangly ones! In fact, the bigger and more dangly the better! lol
I most likely have one (...or two...) shoe box(es) worth! However, I don't just stuff my precious earrings into a shoe box.....no! In fact, I am going to share with you a creative and decorative way to store your earrings!

One of my besties, Meg, made me this for one of my bdays:

Isn't it awesome?! It has definitely been put to good use. She is so creative. She bought a frame, painted it black, and put a mesh screen on it so I could hang my earrings. Maggie's parents ended up making one for her as well and her's has a stand on the back--she keeps it in her bathroom and it seriously looks great as a decoration! Maybe she will share a picture with us sometime :)

As my earring collection continues to grow...I am running out of space on my cute little frame. I am needing to acquire one more like the size of this one:

This one is my sister's. She loved mine and wanted something like it, so when she found this old screen at a junk sale it was just perfect. It's big, I love the color, and she didn't have to do anything to it! She has it hanging in their bathroom and she put little hooks on it so she can also hang necklaces and bracelets on it...genius!! My mom, sister, and I love old, antique things. I never thought growing up that I would follow after my mom's style of "country/antique" (not because I didn't like it, but just didn't think it was what I wanted--in fact, I loved my mom's style...it always felt very cozy and just like home should feel). I should've known better!  :)

Hopefully the next time we go on a junk hunt I will find a similar one! Anyone know of a junk sale coming up or a good place to get stuff like that?!

Even though Eric teases me, you know a good husband when he still buys his wife earrings for her bday, Christmas, etc....even if she does have a whole shoebox full of them! :)

P.S. Stay tuned for another awesome jewelry hanger/display post...Rach made it for me!


  1. Heidi's looks "window-sized". I expect one of you earring-loving girls will come up with a screen-door sized earring holder one of these days. :) The one Meg made is so creative, and we did steal her good idea to make one for Maggie.

  2. I am so glad you told us where that line came from because when I read the title I could not place where it was from and it was driving me nuts until I kept reading! I could hear the line in my head and everything! I would have had to call you if you didn't tell us!

    We will find you a screen this spring!

    Love you!

  3. The earrings look so pretty on the screen. If our bedroom has space once we move to the new one, maybe I'll whip something up! I love Heidi's repurposed one!

    ALSO, there's a big junk show coming (the junk jubilee) the weekend of the bridal show. I want to go Sat or something!! My friend Tricia make jewelry and will have a booth there. I guess some pretty big "junkin'" groups will be there. We should get some women together and head there that weekend. What do you say??


    my friend's website: http://vintageno35.blogspot.com/