unbutton your top button, folks. it's thanksgiving!

all i've done for the past three days is research food, shop for food, prepare food, smell food, dream about food, EAT food, feed food to peyton, talk about food, re-heat food and eat some more food.
needless to say, it was a great thanksgiving:)

but enough about food...let's talk about the real meaning behind turkey day.

earlier in the month, our small family of three started a new tradition (actually brandon and i started it...peyton will jump in in a few years). i grabbed a jar out of the cupboard and dubbed it the "thankful jar." i cut up some patterned, scrapbook paper, set out two pens and each day, we would each scribble something we felt especially thankful for. although peyton can't quite contribute yet, my hope is that we continue this tradition each year, so that she (and future kids!) can participate. at the end of the month, we'll dump the jar, read each card and be reminded of all the things we have been thankful for. i will keep the note cards in my holiday storage bin (ok..who am i kidding? i don't even have a holiday storage bin. they'll probably end up in a desk drawer somewhere and we'll find them on thanksgiving 2027...) and pull them out each year to read past thanksgiving's thoughts.

here are few of what we thanked God for this year:

I am thankful for....

-snuggling on the couch
-God's continuous love. no matter what.
-a husband who helps with a fussy baby in the middle of the night...(teething crisis of 2010)
-supportive friends and family. AND family who helps us move 2 times in 1 year:)
-my wife and the wonderful mother that she is.
-babies who sleep ALL night. hallelujah.
-every afternoon when daddy comes home from work and plays with peyton...oh, the giggles!
-a really good realtor
-the first time i heard the word "mama".....priceless.
-new beginnings
-God's grace
-quiet moments of reading a story
-a car with good gas mileage
-peyton's laugh

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." Psalm 107:1

Q: what are you thanking God for today?


  1. Your writing cracks me up Mags. I never knew you were so funny. Gosh, how could we be friends for 10 years and I not know this about you!?! I'm so excited for this new adventure and an even stronger bonds with my favorite girls.

  2. What a wonderful tradition to start in your sweet family! Love this idea and can't wait to be a faithful reader!

  3. Dearest Maggie, You are my blessing for today and all of the thought you put into being a wife, a mother, and a great daughter-in-law. I look forward to reading your blog weekly! Love, Jenny

  4. I love this :) I might steal it too! Or incorporate BOTH our ideas and PASTE the thoughts into a journal after reading them for the month!

  5. Add this one to the jar . . . I'm thankful for the gift of a wonderful, loving daughter.