When life gives you meatballs, drink toilet water?

Sunday mornings can be somewhat hectic around here.  My husband plays on the worship team for church about every other week, so I am left to get our son ready for church all by my lonesome.  If you see me at church you can always count on the fact that I haven't washed my hair those mornings in an effort to get us out the door faster;)

Well, a few Sundays ago, we were rushing in a particularly scurried manner.  Jude needed a diaper change before we left, so I quickly put him down on the changing table and attempted to get the dirty job done.

As an important side-note: we recently started solids with him, so his "number 2's" have been a lot more firm.  Lovely, eh?

I took off the diaper in haste, thinking it was just pee-filled, when out came a wandering turd.  It was perfectly round and very large.  Since I had moved the diaper so quickly, my motion propelled the "meatball" out of the diaper and onto the changing table.  It quickly rolled across the table and back towards my baby's bottom (I guess it wanted to go back where it came from) like a soldier crawling to safety.  And landed right on his church clothes, only to leave a nice little skid-mark.

After staring at it in amazement, wondering how something so large, round and food-like (!) came out of my tiny son's bottom, I picked it up with the cloth diaper he was wearing and attempted to toss it in the toilet. On this particular morning, the "meatball" rolled right off the diaper (isn’t it obvious it was formed with an amazing ability to roll?) and fell into the toilet.  Success!  Oops, only except for the splash right afterward.  Care to guess what happened?  Water jumped out of the toilet and landed right on my upper lip.

Who doesn’t love fresh poo-water on their mouth in the morning?  I know I do, especially right before church.

To my pastor: "You don’t even want to know what organisms are living on my face this morning.”

To my husband: “Trust me Jared, you DO NOT want to kiss me this morning.”

Like I said before, I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to wash my face.  So in the end, the hand sanitizer had to suffice.  It works for everything- trust me!  Seriously though, have you ever tasted that stuff?? 

The whole way to church I thought of the song On Top of Spaghetti and how closely I could relate to the “I lost my poor meatball” part, except my kid didn’t sneeze, he pooped.  I could just picture his “meatball” rolling right out the door;)

So there’s a little look into my everyday life.  It’s fun, exciting and sometimes dirty.  But someone’s gotta do it and in this case, it’s me.  Thankfully I'm not alone and am blessed with ample amounts of help from my handsome husband Jared and the Ultimate Helper. Despite those sometimes messy moments, I wouldn’t trade my "dirty" job for the world.  

I hope that through this blog you can get to know me better and that my reality can bring a dose of laughter or encouragement to your life.  I am big on transparency and that’s how I will be here.  I am not perfect, my life’s not perfect and my husband and baby aren’t perfect but we have a lot of joy to share and hope you will come along on the ride with us.  


  1. Just read everything. Darling blog, girls. I wont ever eat another meatball.

  2. This one brought me some much needed humor today! Hilarious! So desciptive I felt like I was right there with you! LOVE THE BLOG!

  3. I LOVE this haha! What? You DON'T love fresh poo water in the morning?! ;)