Roxtas 4 Eva

anyone notice something "off" about the smaller picture on our header?

lemme give you close up:

maybe it's the fact that rachel has fushia eyebrows, hannah's wearing a belly chain as a belt or i have safety pins holding my shirt together? yep...i would say those things are very "off"....especially if you know us well.

back in high school, on a friday night, if we weren't out cheering on the valley tigers (state champs...03 and 04, baby!!), often times you would find us in rachel's bedroom, trying on ridiculous outfits and making even more ridiculous cameos using an extremely old video camera.

our parents should've been proud.

we weren't out drinking and partying like the average 16 year old. no, we were spiking our hair, putting on rachel's mom's prom dress from the 80's and rocking out the air guitar on the bed. and all caught on video for the sake of watching it 10 years later and having many 'pee your pants' moments. i can't tell you how many times we documented our silly, high school, fun and honestly, i have NO clue where those videos ended up...let's pray their not on youtube. but the hours and hours of sheer comedy it provided for us, was absolutely priceless.

this specific night, we rifled through rachel's closet, found the hottest shade of purple eyeshadow in her mom's make up bag and dubbed ourselves "The Roxtas."

and boy, did we rock.


  1. I remember those Roxtas and YES, their parents WERE PROUD! You girls made it very easy to be the parent of a teenager! If Peyton is like her momma and her friends, you have NOTHING to worry about! You girls were and ARE huge blessings and precious gifts from God to your parents. LOVE YOU ALL! Rock on Roxstas! :)

  2. Love it :) We sure had fun and entertained ourselves!!

  3. Haha oh such good times! Like you pointed out to me before, Mags--The Wonder Woman Diaries must be meant to be when looking at Rachel and I's "W" hands! :)