I FELT Crafty. Part 1

If nothing else in the world mattered, I could probably spend every waking moment working on décor projects for around my home.  I love sprucing up our environment and I especially love doing it at next to no cost.  We busted out our Christmas decorations this year and I was slightly underwhelmed.  We’ve never really bought much for decorations and on top of that, much of what we have was given to us the first year we were married.  Since Santa cookie jars aren’t necessarily my style, I planned on accruing some new decorations this year but still wanted to be mindful of our budget.  I like to try and challenge myself to make projects where I have most of the materials already on hand. 

After putting up the Christmas tree, I decided I wanted some red and white décor on the other side of the room. I ran to the store to get a few items and then set to work on some DIY projects for around the house.  I broke out the best set of scissors I own and created some felt poinsettias for three little vases I love.  It added the perfect touch to the area and since I can tend to go overboard with decorations sometimes, I left it simple and sweet.

It’s hardly rocket science, but I thought I would detail my work here in case you are looking for an inexpensive, fun and fool-proof project.  I like that it leans toward a modern aesthetic when so often, Christmas décor can be ornate and over-the-top.  I like clean lines with a hint of sparkle every so often. 

  • Start by drawing a petal on felt with a pen
  • Trace at least 5 for each flower 
  • Cut them out- sharp scissors make all the difference
  • Stitch around edges for emphasis- you could do a simple stitch or an embroidery stitch
  • I sewed mine together but you could probably use a glue gun if you wanted
  • Attach or glue a button to the middle
  • Attach a pipe cleaner for the stem 
  • Don't water and enjoy:)

I'll be posting another felt post soon. Let me know if you decide to make some, I would love to see pictures!


  1. ugh, i love these...wanna make some for me??:)

  2. I always like to see what you come up with! Keep the ideas coming! You are very creative!

  3. I am making a felt flower garland, and have made some wonderful felt flower hair clips for a soon to be born cousin of mine :) I was wondering when I would be outshone by you though ;) I may do a few of those to add some variety!