birth story - part three

following the jalapeno episode, i was exhausted. i had no idea what time it was and didn't want to know. i instructed brandon not to tell me, because i didn't want to feel discouraged if it was earlier than i thought. in my head, it felt like only a few hours had gone by, but in actuality, it was about 3 am, which is why i didn't want to know the time.
my mom and sister had gotten to the hospital about an hour after we did, and brandon's mom got there shortly after them. i knew that i wanted to include these women in my labor experience, but had no idea how or what they would be doing. my memory comes and goes with details, but what i do remember is how amazing my husband was, once he got his footing.
immediately after getting to the hospital, brandon was annoyingly chatty. asking me questions and talking non- stop. he was obviously nervous and even a little a frustrated at the fact that he couldn't do anything. during contractions, that last thing i wanted to do was answer a slew of questions being thrown at me. at one point, mid question, i just had say "shhhhhhhhhhh" until he stopped. it was until he asked, "what do you want me to do" for the 17th time, that i had to say, "just. SHUT. UP." and then he got it. it was like something clicked in his brain and he figured out his role. one by one, he would shuttle my mom in and my sister out. and then send carolyn back to waiting room, to send jenny in to help. i really only needed one other person in the room and brandon deemed himself the "task manager." he was the one who would delegate each responsibility. he made sure to tell each person helping that i wanted it quiet. he showed them what part of my back where i needed the heating pad. he had a purpose and was in control of it. he's always been a leader and this was the perfect way for him to help, but also remain sane. it worked out great for everyone.

i am so thankful for carolyn, jenny and my mom, who spent their night helping and supporting me, while we all waited to meet our sweet, little girl.

i am most thankful for brandon. it was a bit rocky in the beginning, but you figured out your role and you were an amazing coach and partner. this was our first time at this and neither of us knew what we were doing, but together, we made it through. that night, you proved just how strong you become in times of high stress. it's no wonder you were such a good Marine:) i love you so much!

throughout my pregnancy, the thing i was looking most forward to at the hospital was the jetted tub. the house that we were renting at the time only had a shower, and i am definitely a bath person. so into the tub i went. brandon sat on the floor next to me and held my hand through contractions. i enjoyed the tub, but at this point in my labor, all i really wanted to do was to MOVE. walk, sway, breathe became my mantra.



stay tuned for the big moment:)


  1. Awaiting the "rest of the story", though I was there so I know the ultimate, thrilling outcome. :)

  2. Really enjoying reading this....so glad you are writing again!